Per Braginski
Senior Advisor

Per Braginski is an experienced strategy and marketing professional with expertise in translating consumer insights into product, service and brand concept development. 

Per advises corporations, as well as NGOs and development organizations, in generating and leveraging key insights of their customers, suppliers, and beneficiaries to enhance strategy development, market segmentation, product and service offerings, and communication. Per also works closely with clients’ own market research and consumer insights teams to enhance their own internal capacity for better understanding not only the needs of consumers but of those of the stakeholders in their supply chains, including smallholder farmers, as part of a comprehensive sustainability strategy.    

Prior to joining Rogers MacJohn, Per held positions within leading global manufacturing, service, consulting, and advertising companies such as Nokia, Bang & Olufsen, Ogilvy, TDC and Kunde & Co. While at Nokia, Per led the consumer insights and consumer planning function to develop product and service concepts for low-income consumers in emerging markets, with a focus on Africa and Asia.  He led the work on identifying the insights and the specific needs of these consumers and ensured that the insights generated found their way into products and services relevant to low-income consumers. 

Per holds a Bachelor of Science in International Business and a Master of Science in Economics & Business Administration from Copenhagen Business School.