Organisational Effectiveness & Governance

Our expertise gives us the rare insight needed to not only ensure business sustainability but to foster growth and greater business strength.

We do this by looking into every facet of a client’s operation. We become the operation in order to determine what needs tweaking, what needs replacing, and what needs to be developed from the ground up to guarantee organisational effectiveness.

Rogers MacJohn consultants are experienced with tools such as strategic collaboration and operational review and can successfully apply it to all company elements, from staffing to financials, to strengthen overall operations. And we don’t just focus on building what’s already there. We can assist clients with laying the foundations to facilitate a complete business repositioning, which can point the way to previously unattainable gaps in the market.

Work also with companies to establish new organisations in order to accomplish all ongoing business growth and investment goals. We assist C-suite decision-makers by providing all the building blocks necessary to establish effective models for staffing, statutes, membership engagement and sustainable funding necessary to start something new in the most efficient timeframe.

Our client network spans the globe and as such we ensure that all activity is not only supported by metrics that balance cost with insight, but aligns with the relevant industry and government standards, certification schemes, and UN Sustainable Development Goals that have already been established and vetted.