Dr. Erick Ogumo
Senior Consultant – Supply Chains

Dr. Ogumo has spent over 20 years in the private sector, mainly working in agricultural supply chains, cutting across production, supplier management, and retail.  Before joining Rogers MacJohn as a senior consultant, Erick most recently served as an agricultural specialist at the IFC advising on transactions in the agribusiness sector.  Prior, Erick served as a supplier development manager at Tesco, responsible for optimizing value chain and supply chain efficiency, mostly for horticultural produce, to significantly reduce food waste and deliver consistent quality and affordability to customers.

Before joining Tesco, Erick serviced as the lead agronomist for Coca-Cola East & Central Africa to provide advice on agronomic practices to enhance the sustainable production, yields, and quality for fruits important for Coca-Cola’s Minute Maid juice business.  He was also involved with Project Nurture to help sustainably integrate 54,000 smallholder mango and passion fruit farmers into Coca-Cola’s local African supply chains. Erick worked with the farmers and SME processors to upgrade their operations and quality while helping Coca-Cola reduce its reliance on imported fruit puree from Asia and Latin America.  Based on his experience with Project Nurture, Erick also successfully organized smallholder farmers to supply oranges and pineapple to Coca-Cola’s bottlers in Nigeria.  Prior to joining Coca-Cola, Erick worked as an Agronomy Manager for Finlays Horticulture Kenya, where he managed all aspects of crop production, protection, irrigation, fertilization, soil science, and nutrition.  He also ensured compliance with international food safety standards such as GlobalGap, Tesco Nurture, and Field to Fork.

Dr. Ogumo has a PhD in Food Science and Technology, an MSc. in Crop Protection, and a BSc. from the University of Nairobi.