Market Research & Field Insights

At Rogers MacJohn we understand that as humans, we often gravitate to the simplest solutions to demystify complex problems. However, simple solutions without sufficient reasoning can prove disastrous to a company’s long-term success.

We believe that any decision without the proper supporting data is merely an opinion. That is why we employ reliable in-house analysis tools and market segmentation methods to help C-suite decision makers find the answers they need.

Our approach is deeply rooted in identifying demand. Every decision we make as we collaborate with clients is motivated by stakeholder needs and the inevitable benefits they will share.

Before we come to any conclusion, we segment all aspects of the market in order to get a clear picture of the challenge to overcome. Our market research and field insights methods take a deep dive into culture, geography and geology, economics, buyer/market sentiment and socio-political climates, and we use those insights to shape the way we think and inform our conclusions.

Rogers MacJohn is not a consultancy that exists just to tell people how to do things better. We collaborate closely with clients with detailed, reliable market data to not only support our decisions, but to teach clients first how to identify demand, and then how to generate it for their business model.