Value Chain Analysis

Rogers MacJohn places emphasis on being able to visually analyse a company’s business activities in order to determine how best to apply new methods to generate a competitive advantage.

However, we challenge the conventional approach to value chain analysis by taking a practical, real-world approach that adds greater detail and global market conditions to the theory. We recognise that some downstream commercial aspects can sometimes be overlooked, therefore we pride ourselves on our ability to shine a much-needed spotlight on market access rules. This gives us valuable insight into government regulations and local politics, industry standards and economic conditions that we gladly pass on to clients to help feel better prepared when making key operational decisions.

Our approach to value chain analysis uniquely identifies end-to-end details between the farming and development of a product to its commercial distribution. These elements can often be overlooked by conventional analysis practices, but we provide clients with a comprehensive run-down of the previously unconsidered threats and challenges that may affect long term business growth.