Bill Guyton

Bill Guyton is a senior-level leader within international agribusiness and non-profit organizations who is committed to leading the creation and implementation of global sustainability best practices. Throughout his career, he has been recognized for his ability to create public-private partnerships and resilient supply chain and community-based programs.

Bill advises private firms and non-profits on strategic planning, technical training, and partnership development.  Prior to joining Rogers MacJohn, he founded and served as CEO of the World Cocoa Foundation for 15 years where he grew the organization from a handful of companies to a globally recognized organization with 115 members representing 85% of the global chocolate industry focused on improving the sustainability of cocoa production and the livelihoods of smallholder cocoa farmers worldwide. He has also worked in other agricultural value chains such as feed grains, livestock and fruits and vegetables. More recently, Bill assisted the Sustainable Rice Platform in revising its strategy and governance structure to more effectively deliver on the needs of its members, reach financial self-sufficiency, and achieve greater impact for smallholder rice farmers. In addition, he has worked with the African cotton and poultry industries to develop sustainability platforms driving systems change.

In addition to his career record of successful leadership, he currently serves on the Advisory Board for the World Food Law Institute, the Board of Directors for The Alliance to End Hunger, and the Association for International Agriculture and Development.  

Bill has a Master of Science degree in Agricultural Economics from Michigan State University and a Bachelor of Science degree from Colorado State University.