Award-Winning Partnerships


Project Nurture

Project Nurture was a four-year $12m project developed in partnership between the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, The Coca-Cola Company, and Technoserve under the direction of Rogers MacJohn founder to help Coca-Cola's African Business Unit switch to local sourcing of fruit for Minute Maid products with the aim of increasing the incomes of over 50,000 smallholder farmers in East Africa by over 140% while reducing lead times and costs for Coca-Cola. Awarded the 2016 P3 Impact Award “in recognition of the world’s most impactful public-private partnerships”. Project Nurture: Partnering for Business Opportunity and Business Impact - Harvard Kennedy School Case Study



African Cashew Initiative

African Cashew Initiative: Developed in collaboration between GIZ and the founder of Rogers MacJohn for the Gates Foundation and BMZ, ACI was an eight-year, $70m partnership with multinational corporations such as Kraft Foods, Intersnack, Olam, SAP and local processors to catalyze the growth of the cashew industry across five African countries. Impact to date has been the doubling of incomes for 430,000 households and the creation of over 5,000 processing jobs, mostly for women. Awarded 2015 OECD DAC prize for “taking development tinnovation to scale”: How to Implement a Broad-Based Approach to Developing the Africa Cashew Market - Global Delivery Initiative


Inclusive Business at Scale


Additional examples of sustainable and scalable impact funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and developed and managed by Rogers MacJohn staff: 

Competitive African Cotton Initiative: Designed $40m in grants in collaboration with BMZ, DEG and the Aid by Trade Foundation leveraging $70m in private sector investment to integrate 900,000 African cotton farmers to-date across 10 countries. Collaborated with 23 ginning companies, global textile manufacturers, and retailers (e.g., Cargill, Levi, Puma) in addition to brokering a partnership with Better Cotton Initiative to increase global market access based on a value proposition for social impact and a reduced carbon and water footprint.

Ethiopian Agribusiness Accelerator: Developed strategy for improving growth in Ethiopia through foreign direct investment and SME incubation. Established domestic agribusiness accelerator in partnership with Ethiopia’s Agricultural Transformation Agency.

Cocoa Livelihoods Program: Worked with the World Cocoa Foundation to structure $34m in grants leveraging $50m in private and public investment from 16 multinational cocoa processors, traders, and branded chocolate manufacturers (Mars, Hershey, Kraft, Cargill, ADM, Barry Callebaut, Ecom, Armajaro) to double the productivity and incomes of over 200,000 West African cocoa farmers while improving reliability and quality of cocoa supply.

East African Coffee Initiative: $47m project with Technoserve and DEG to link 160,000 small East African coffee farmers in Ethiopia, Tanzania, Rwanda, and Kenya with global markets to improve productivity, value addition, and quality to double incomes.  Partners include Nestle, Starbucks, Armajaro, Ecom Trading, Olam, and Hans-Neumann.

Competitive African Rice Initiative: Developed $30m program in collaboration with GIZ, half financed by private sector, with local rice processors, input suppliers, governments, IRRI, and multilaterals to aid smallholders and processors to grow a competitive rice industry in Africa to more than double the incomes of over 150,000 smallholder farmers in four countries.