About Us


Our Mission

We believe that sustainable, scalable social impact is most effective when it's business-driven, government-enabled, NGO-supported, and donor-catalyzed. We aim to support these sectors to work together effectively to improve people's lives, enhance business performance, and strengthen government policy for improved economic growth.  We want to help businesses move beyond CSR, donors become more catalytic, governments stimulate more inclusive private investment, and NGO's become more effective coordinators, coaches, and advocates.


Our History

After 10 years with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation helping industries invest in their supply chains to reduce poverty and improve performance, the founder of Rogers MacJohn, in partnership with a set of trusted advisors from around the world, decided to leverage over 20 years in private industry, management consulting, and philanthropy to establish a consulting firm focused on helping corporations, governments, NGO's, and donors collaborate to establish business models that deepen and sustain social impact. While many of these diverse institutions share common interests and goals, we found that they not always find each other, speak the same language or craft effective partnerships.  When these stakeholders' interests and resources align, however, the impact on people's lives, and on the broader economy, can be transformative.


Our Team

Every client and issue is unique, requiring a set of individuals having the most relevant skills and experience.  We leverage a network of seasoned experts from around the world, typically with 20+ years of experience, in the areas of sustainability, market research, supply chain, retail, agriculture, and top-tier management consulting to help you develop the right strategy, find the right partners, and successfully launch your initiative with ongoing support. This mix of C-suite and field experience, in addition to our flexible engagement model, is unique in the industry. It allows us to not only help you design impactful initiatives from concept to launch, but to help you communicate the value proposition to all partners and solve issues in the field as they arise.